of the month

One committee is chosen every month to be ‘the committee of the month’, In this column we tell about the activities and/ or goals of one of the many committees of Semper Florens. This month, the honour is given to the InternetCie.


The internet committee, or the InternetCie is responsible for the website of Semper Florens. As many of you will have noticed a new website has been available since the Christmas holidays. The website acts as a visible face for our study association. Members can find photos of our activities and an agenda with the upcoming activities on the website. Besides that, a lot more info about Semper Florens can be find on the website which is also handy for non-members. A well-functioning site is very important for the study association. Beside the new web version of the site, a mobile version is also available now, which we are very proud of.

Enjoy the new site!

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