of the month

One committee is chosen every month to be ‘the committee of the month’. In this column we tell about the activities and/ or goals of one of the many committees of Semper Florens. This month, the Cash Audit Committee.

The Cash Audit Committee is probably a committee that sound not very familiar to many people. This committee operates at the background, but is an essential organ for our association. Their main function is to check whether the treasurer of Semper Florens keeps it bookkeeping on the right track. To lift their knowledge to a whole new level, some of the members of this committee recently joined a cursus to learn the tricks of the trade. With an upcoming change of the board, a new control session is planned, so their new knowledge can be put into practice soon. So, to Carina (current treasurer), prepare yourself! And about the money-trees program, lets say progress is made but a lot of work still need to be done. 

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