Semper Florens

Study Association of Plant Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Organic Agriculture


On the 2nd of October the board of the association has changed. At the General Meeting Feline van Leeuwen, Laurens van Oostrom and Xenja Ploeger were relieved from their positions within the board. We would like to thank them for their service in the past year! At this General Meeting the goals


One committee is chosen every month to be ‘the committee of the month’. In this column, we tell about the activities and/or goals of one of the many committees of Semper Florens. This month, the ConsumpCie.

The ConsumpCie is our newest committee, that is working very


Our Association

Semper Florens is the study association for Plant Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Organic Agriculture students of Wageningen University and Research. The association can best be described as always flowering, therefore we chose the Latin name 'Semper Florens'. Semper Florens currently has approximately 800 proud members. These members can enjoy all sort of different activities organized by the committees. All in all, the association is the perfect fit for any Plant Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Organic Agriculture student.

What We Offer


Organization of activities, merchandise production, writing the Internodium, taking pictures and improving education.


Wide spectrum of different activities, such as festivities, educational activities, social activities and excursions.


Creating lasting memories of our activities. The photo committee captures our members at their most enjoyable moments.


A lovely magazine created by Semper Florens members for Semper Florens members with love and care.


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