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One committee is chosen every month to be ‘the committee of the month’. In this column we tell about the activities and/ or goals of one of the many committees of Semper Florens. This month, the TDL-cie.


The TDL-cie is the committee which organizes Theme, Discussion and Career evenings. The goal of the committee is to bring the members of Semper Florens in contact with fascinating people and to create awareness and understanding by having discussions with people from different (cultural) backgrounds. They organize several different activities like workshops, readings and debates. 
Since spring has arrived the activity of this period will be in the fields. The 24th of April the vineyard 'Wagenings Wijngoed' will be visited. Here you can learn about grape cultivation, see how wine is made in the Netherlands, and test if this wine tastes nice. You do not want to miss this so see you all there!
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