of the month

One committee is chosen every month to be ‘the committee of the month’. In this column we tell about the activities and/ or goals of one of the many committees of Semper Florens. This month, the Drink committee also known as the BorrelCie.

The BorrelCie is the committee that organizes drinks at Wednesday’s to ‘break your week’. The drinks are loved by many members and the best word to describe them is the well-known Dutch word gezellig!

The last drink of this school year will be the 13th of June and it will be a very special one. Teachers are invited to keep up the integration between teachers and students inside and outside the lectures. It will be a great opportunity to end this school year informal, with a drink, your friends and your teachers. Besides that, the BorrelCie also arranged a special dinner offer for this final drink. For one coin you can get one portion of fries and a snack of your own choice (and 8 coins cost only 5 euros). If you want to join the drink and have the fries with a snack, be aware that you have to fill in the google form, for which you can find the link here