Dear plantlets,
we are happy to announce the AlmanakCie of 2019-2020. We are a creative and enthusiastic group of second year plant scientists and all very committed to Semper Florens. As AlmanakCie we have the great task to design and write the up-coming lustrum Almanac.

The almanac is the collective memory of our association manifested in paper form. It traditionally includes association activities of the past two and a half year.

In April 2018 the previous almanac came out. Exactly a year later the five of us started the big project of making a new one. Making an Almanac is an one and a half year taking project with a lot of obstacles along the way. But we have great confidence that we as AlmanakCie will present a breath taking Almanac with the start of the 4th lustrum of Semper Florens!

Feline van Leeuwen (Chairwoman), Mayra Nagtzaam, Laurens van Oostrom, Yvet Boele and Anna de Rooij

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