New Students

Not yet studying at Wageningen University? But are you looking for a study? Subscribe for a Plant Sciences (Dutch language) student-for-one-day-activity. At the end of the day you will know how it is to be a student, what student life at Wageningen University is and what you can expect when you choose to study Plant Sciences.


During a student-for-one-day group activity you will attend a broad programme which contains a lecture, a practica, and a tour of the campus. Together with other pupils you will discover which courses Plant Scientists attend in their bachelor programme. 4 days are being organised per year.
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Individual Student-for-one-day

Individual student-for-one-day activities are focussed on student life and how it is to study at Wageningen University. You will attend a day of classes with a first or second year’s Plant Scientist student. This could be lectures, practicals, tutorials or a combination of these. This is the ideal situation to ask your questions about unclearities!
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