Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation Survey

The course evualtion survey, or so called PaCe, is the tool used to gather feedback from students. All the answers in the PaCe are carefully analysed by the StudCie and students that are key figures in the Programme committee meetings. The Programme committee is a committee consisting of 4 students and 4 teachers. This committee is important in influencing the quality of courses. The student members of the Programme committee can use the feedback provided in the PaCe to present to the teacher and course coordinator of courses.

Meet the Student Contacts

We are students fighting for and maintaining good education and we are happy to receive your feedback on courses. We are key figures in meetings concerning education. We are members of the Programme committee, this committee consists of 4 student members and 4 teachers and is dedicated to improving the education for our specific study. We joined the Programme committee to be the link between professors, the programme director and our student members. If you have any important suggestions or improvements on courses please contact one of us, we will happily report these within our monthly meetings! You can check out the different contacts below.
Timon van Leeuwen
Timon van LeeuwenCommissioner
I have chosen to dedicate myself to guaranteeing good education for the members of Semper Florens, therefore I joined the board of Semper Florens.
Selena Koene
Selena KoeneOpCie
I would like to be the link between professors, the program director and our students. Therefore, I joined the Programme committee, which is an influential committee in orchestrating our education.

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Our Sponsors