In an association it is important for the board to always have access to people that can help during difficult situations. Such situations need advice from experienced people and experiences are with those people who already did the job. Just like the genes of a plant that comprise its history and that are passed on to the new generation, the HTT-cie is loaded with experiences and these are handed over to the new board members.

‘HTT’ stands for ‘Hamertje Tik-Tik’, referring to one of the core operations of the committee to construct a new chairmans’s hammer which is needed to lead the bi-annual general meetings of the study association.


Tim Neefjes (chairman), Hilde Coolman, Ruben Dümmer, Laura Wijnia, Sander Langebeeke, Brent Riechelman, Lotte van Dueren den Hollander, Paul Ruigrok, Nicole Kollerie, Iris Bouterse and Joep Laan

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