We are responsible for the publication of the beautiful Internodium. You will find this marvelous magazine in your mailbox five times a year. It is put together by us with much care and (if you live in Wageningen) we even deliver it to you personally! At the start of each 8-week period we gather the commission to discuss about the previous edition, come up with new ideas and to divide the tasks for the next issue. After this we’re finding people who want to write something, or writing some pieces ourselves. We usually report the activities of Semper Florens and a bunch of other things that an average plant sciences student might be interested in. At the end of the period, when most of the articles have been written, we assemble in the evening for a nice dinner. After dinner we put everything together in the new edition. These are always nice evenings with a lot of fun, although we do need to work hard to get everything finished on time. When the freshly printed newest edition arrives, we proudly sticker all of the 500+ Internodia after which they are delivered to you!


Marieke Biewenga (chairwoman), Karlijn Luiken, Henriette Verstegen, Iris Goet, Emma Kokke, Carina Hoekenga, Yvet Boele and Maarten Brinkman


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