Dear members,

Five times a year, this diverse committee delivers you the magazine of Semper Florens: the Internodium. At the moment we are a committee with 9 people, varying from 1st to 5th year students! Every period we start with a lunch meeting, to brainstorm for the next magazine and to divide tasks. We ask other members of the association to write something about for example activities or their crops or farm. Furthermore we interview alumni, first-year students, international students and we finish each internodium with a list of "WUD-jes" (funny things people said). Halfway through the period we have a "gezellige" avond and in the end of the period we have some (sometimes haha) serious evenings of In-Design to compose and design the whole Internodium. In the last weeks of the period we will (if you live in Wageningen) home-deliver your Internodium, or put it in envelopes to let the mailman bring it all the way to the remote corners of Groningen, Limburg or Zeeland (because that's a bit hard on our bikes...). We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to write something for us or who have some nice photos for the front page or colofon, so if you have anything: contact us!

Marieke Biewenga, Bram Birza, Yvet Boele (chairwoman), Maarten Brinkman, Iris Goet,  Emma Kokke, Karlijn Luiken, Lisa van Malssen and Henriette Verstegen

Foto (iris afwezig):

Upper row from left to right: Emma Kokke, Yvet Boele (chairwoman), Lisa van Malssen, Bram Birza
Lower row from left to right: Henriette Verstegen, Maarten Brinkman, Karlijn Luiken, Marieke Biewenga


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