The Galacie is a committee that organizes an Intergration Gala every 2 years. Together with Di-et-Tri (Nutrtion and Health), Heeren XVII (Agrotechnology) and Nicolas Appert (Food Technology) we organizes this great event. At the moment, the committee is busy with the last preperations for the Gala that will take place on the 23th of May 2018. The theme of this gala is Casino Royale! 

Now you may wonder, why should I go to this gala. Well here is why:

- party on a boat (yes the boat will sail)
- unlimited drinks
- perfomances of both locally famous (guteNAbend) and nationally famous (Hitjeskanon) acts
- pictures are included
- you can wear you're most beautiful dress or suit and feel like James Bond or a bond-girl
- you finally have a good reason to ask you're crush to be your date
- all your friends will be there so if you don't go you won't be part of the stories
- again --> PARTY on a BOAT

On the 8th of May, there will be an integration and dance evening to make sure we have proper dance moves and not to forget a beautiful date. 

Buy your tickets NOW! Please keep in mind that you have to be 18+ to buy a ticket.
You can also follow us on facebook to make sure you don't miss anything.

Pieter Rooijakker (chairman), Sifra Mulder, Iris Bouterse, Jolien Hendriks, Paul van Eijk, Roos Verstegen, Willemein Hoving & Elsemieke Jonker

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