We of the Paparazcie committee are there to capture visible memories of all our nice activities of Semper Florens. Every activity is joined by at least one of us. You can admire all our nice photographs at the Semper Florens website or
in the Internodium. Besides, once in a while we also make a beautiful poster
for “het hok” of Semper Florens, capturing all our nice and funny memories! However, it is not a bad idea to keep us as friends, you should remember: acting clumsy or funny can also be registered with one click! Anyway, we all love making pictures and providing everybody with a nice overview of the Semper Florens activities!


Sarah Kalisvaart (chairwoman), Hidde Wesseler, Jan Zevenbergen, Marieke Biewenga, Melindy Dirks, Timon van Leeuwen, Emma Kokke, Esra Post, Maarten Brinkman and Rosanne Briggeman.


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