Dear Plants,

I have the honour to be the chairwoman of the Excursion committee. As the word ExcurCie implies we organise fun, interesting and study related excursions for members. Each period (period three and four regarded as one) we organise an excursion for you, where everything is arranged from cookies to company visits. You just have to get in that bus or on your bike to join!

We try to arrange excursions to special, innovative or sustainable companies or projects which can o er us a di erent or new perspective on the agricultural sector and which you otherwise might not visit soon. We also try to give a wide view of the entire sector in which we try to cover everything that involves plants, from the seed to the processing of the crop. Moreover, we not just focus on companies or project involved in food crops but also try to give an insight in alternative uses of plants such as ornamental, medical or energy uses.

As a member of the ExcurCie, there are many opportunities to contact with the business life and to show interesting companies/projects to the other members. To summarize, the ExcurCie is a super nice commission which has a lot to o er!

See you guys on the excursions!


Selena Koene (chairwoman), Sophie van Ittersum, Stijn van de Lande, Sita Posthumus and Devon Sonneveld

Email: sf.excursie@wur.nl

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