First-years Committee

We are the first year committee, a set of enthusiastic students, mostly first years, which has taken the important task to introduce the new germs into our wonderful study association. As germ you don’t know very much yet, you still have to be raised. So we, the first year committee, have the very important task to guide them through the processes where these new germs has to be transformed into full grown-up Semper Florens members. To let these germs grow we have to stimulate the potential climate as well as possible. That’s why we organize a first year diner and weekend: to create the perfect conditions for the perfect growth process.

Joep Laan (chairman), Sanne Put, Esmee Zutt, Indy Tuchter, Marie-Emma Denarié, Nienke Denissen, Paul van Eijk, Sarah Carton, Anne Hendriks and Marieke Duinhouwer


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