The BuitEx,

 an 'excursion' to a foreign country, is organized every other year for all members of Semper Florens.

Coming July 2019 we will go on a trip to discover the agricultural sector of the Czech Republic. During this trip several companies and institutes will be visited, besides this there will be time to discover the Czech culture and enjoy the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a country with a fast innovating agricultural sector. Besides this, the country has beautiful cities and nature.


The subscription for the trip was full within 2 hours and subscription is closed. Sorry for the people who are to late but another change in 2021.

We are really looking forward to the BuitEx and are already very excited for the trip. The first meeting with all participants has already taken place.


We would like to thank the sponsors who make this trip possible:

Plantum and McCain.


For questions or suggestions you can always mail to: sf.buitex@wur.nl


With sunny greetings,

BuitEx committee 2019,

Thomas de Bruijn, Carine Verhagen, Xenja Ploeger and Dylan Gramser

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors