The BuitEx organises each two years an excursion to another country with loads of visits to companies related to plant sciences, but also time to relax and explore the country. An amazing opportunity to get to know more about plant science companies and have a good time together. The country will be announced during the New Year’s dinner that is organised by the AXI, excited!!

In July 2019 we went on a trip to discover the agricultural sector of the Czech Republic. During this trip several companies and institutes were visited, besides this there was time to discover the Czech culture and enjoy the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic is a country with a fast-innovating agricultural sector. Besides this, the country has beautiful cities and nature.

This trip was possible thanks to our sponsors McCain and Plantum.

In 2021 the BuitEx organised a trip in the Netherlands due to covid.

Gijs Fennema (chair), Isa Veelers, and Michael Schelling.

Email: sf.buitex@wur.nl

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Our Sponsors