The BuitEx, an 'excursion' to a foreign country, is organized every other year for all members of Semper Florens. In July 2015 the BuitEx was a 10-day trip to Italy. During this trip, several types of companies were visited, beautiful cities were seen and also the members got the opportunity to know each other better. The next BuitEx will be in July 2017.  The preparations have already started (March 2016)! It promises to be a great trip where we will visit large well-known, but also unknown local companies. In that way we can see in practice how the country of destination deals with agriculture and innovation.

We will keep you all informed about the trip and when to sign up. For questions you can always mail to: sf.buitex@wur.nl

With sunny greetings,

BuitEx committee 2017,
Marijn van Doorn (chairwoman), Laura de Rond, Hilde Coolman, Sander Langebeeke and Max van der Heide
Email: sf.buitex@wur.nl

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