Once upon a time, in the year 2000, there was not one Plant Science study program, but two. Each had its own study association, ‘Optima Flora’ and ‘WSV Navantus’. They followed different study programs, went to different parties and on different excursions. This situation changed drastically on 31 October 2000, when the two studies merged. On 31 October the members of the two association came together and decided to go forward as one association. A hammer beat with the HTT hammer; Semper Florens was born!

With the new association came a new logo. A beautiful multicolour flower with Comic Sans MS text.

After the countrywide introduction of Comic Sans Day in July 2012 and the even more successful Comic Sans Day 2013, it was time to change the font of the logo. Together with the font, the logo was changed after 13 years of good service. During the general meeting on 1 October 2013 Max van der Heide stated: ” We changed the Comic Sans MS, and we wanted to combine the biotechnology sector and the agricultural sector of our society and the symbolises that our study association makes it a whole.” A vote followed in which one of the thirty present members voted against the new logo. Thus, with a hammer beat the new logo was a fact! 

Semper Florens Timeline

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