We are the Studcie and we are one of the more serious committees of Semper Florens. Semper Florens knows two sides: the fun, active and party side and the more study related side. Our job is to evaluate di erent courses at the end of each period. This is something di erent than the EvaSys, we hand out forms during the exam so we get more responses and with more responses the evaluations are better. The course evaluation is also given to the study program committee (OpCie), and they will decide whether real action has to be taken in response to your comments on the subjects. We personally e-mail the results to the contact persons of the course and we hope they make the changes to make the course better. What we will do this year is e-mail members of Semper Florens what changes have been made in the different courses, so you know what changes you make in the system. We give life to the study, we make sure you get what you ask for, we are the Studcie. In case of any  problems, renovations, or other remarks about a course, please let us know at


The Studcie,

Iris Bouterse (chairwoman), Karlijn Luiken, Wouter van As, Selena Koene, Jolie Willems and Timon van Leeuwen


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