Cool that you're reading this! We are the international committee of Semper Florens. It is a very fun and diverse committee to be part of. The goal of this committee is to encourage the exchange of ideas and opportunities among BPW/MPS/MOA/MPB. Everyone in the international committee has different backgrounds, trying to integrate different people and make them feel more at home. To do this, we meet on a weekly basis coming up with different ideas relevant to topics related to plants. In the past we organized activities such as: workshops (hydroponics, insect rearing, rose stenting etc.), debates, free-topic student presentations and movie nights. Every period we try to come up with fun and innovative activities! We also organize the yearly integration dinner which is always a big success! We hope to see you at coming activities! 

Take care, 

The International committee, 

Milou Terwoert (chair), Dror Shalit, Gijs Fennema and Arjan Rijkenhuizen.


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