The ConsumpCie is a committee that has a passion for anything related to food. Not only do we organize activities for all members of the study association, we support other committees by making delicious treats for them. As a committee we often meet every week to work out our ideas and plan activities. The most fun part is of course the making of the food!

Our activities, you guessed it, are related to food. We try to organize an activity every period and our baked goods can be tasted multiple times per period at other activities. The ConsumpCie was founded last year and since then we organized a few lunches, some of them were not so healthy. In period 2 the most delicious high tea is planned with more food than you could dream of. In the future, we plan on organizing activities other than lunches.

We hope to see you at our next activity!

Indi Schunselaar (chair), Esmée van Kampen, Hendrika van der Heide, Isa Veelers, Emma Meulblok, Femke Schoenmakers, Jasmine Loo, Raphael Hellingman, Jade Blok and Jonathan van de Wal.



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