The AXI (activity committee) organises a lot of different activities for all members of Semper Florens. Every Thursday during the lunchbreak the AXI members meet at Radix to plan, think about and create nice activities. However, after the Woeste Woensdag (Wild Wednesday) it is sometimes difficult to think, but (most of the times) very nice to create ideas for great activities.

Every period we organise at least one activity, but we prefer to organise more. Last year, we started in period 1 with a hexathlon at Unifarm, to get to know the new rst year students. In period 2 Sinterklaas comes to visit the nice and naughty members. After the Christmas holidays, a New Year’s dinner is prepared. The biggest activity we organize is the SF weekend. Last year we went to Amsterdam. In this big city we managed to rend a scouting house with a little bit of forest around it. After the traditional camp re there was not much left of that ‘little forest’ though.

Next to the activities we organise ourselves, we also organize parties together with other study associations. A big and small integration party is held every year, but the nicest event is called the ‘farmer games’. Our teams made some improvement last year! We were very close to the first place. If we practice a little bit more at our hexathlon, we maybe can get a first place next time!

We hope to see you at the next activity!


Nienke Denissen (chairwoman), Devon Sonneveld, Martine Trip, Indy Tuchter, Esmee van der Poel and Yvet Boele


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