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WSV Navantus
WSV Navantus, meaning ‘Wageningse StudieVereniging NAzaten Van Arvense eN TUinbouwkundige Studenten’ or ‘Wageningen Study Association Descendants of Arvense and VWTS’,  was formed on the 27th of November 1997 after the studies Horticulture and Agriculture were merged into Plant Cultivation Studies (Plantenteeltwetenschappen T16). Both association had their last General Meeting that same day. 

The first General Meeting of WSV Navantus in 1997.

The chairman of Arvense said that this merge was a little more natural than with Optima Flora. It also helped that the students already knew each other from following the same (T1) propaedeutic, which all plant-related studies followed. The association kicked off with a big wedding between the two old study associations. A member of VWTS and a member of Arvense were ‘wed’ with Optima Flora, HeerenXVII and De Veetelers as guests. After parading through Wageningen behind a tractor they stopped at Ceres where dinner evolved into a boerenkool food fight and the somewhat happy couple was finally wed with a ceremony. The story is fully described in the resource. The merge was then established between the boards rather smoothly. They had some meetings while enjoying a beer together and the chairmen agreed rather quickly. Unfortunately this great celebration couldn’t save the association from the still dwindling numbers of students doing the associated study. The numbers were slinking so fast that Navantus had to merge again in 2000. This time with Optima Flora to form our current association Semper Florens.

The logo from WSV Navantus.

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