Assistant Breeder


Aeres Agree is exclusively searching for an Assistant Breeder in Sierra Leone.



Our client Genesis Farms was established in 2008 and is member of a group of companies active in agriculture, agricultural mechanisation and agricultural contracting. Together with the Dutch, we have a mission to support the economic viability of agricultural production and food security in Sierra Leone (West Africa). Genesis Farms has an area of 200 hectares in production with upland rice, groundnuts and sorghum. Access to water from the Rokel river and an artificial lake enables year-round production on drip irrigation fields. Agricultural processes are highly mechanised with GPS guided planting and spraying, combine harvesting and climate controlled storage of crops. Since 2016, Genesis Farms is involved in breeding and selection of sorghum for Sierra Leone. Commercial sorghum is an important food crop in Africa and is the fifth most important cereal crop grown in the world.

Role description

Aeres Agree is looking for an Assistant Breeder who will assist in the development of breeding materials and local selections of sorghum for the use in Sierra Leone. It is the intention to establish an international academic research project for which the Assistant Breeder will carry out breeding and agronomic trials in Sierra Leone. The candidate will report to the farm manager. For scientific activities and results, there will be a reporting line to the project leader and breeder in The Netherlands. This role will give the candidate academic perspectives. After two years of excellent performance on the job, Genesis Farms will assist in getting enrolled in an academic study (MSc or PhD), possibly internationally, for the period of two years. After successful completion of the study, the candidate will work for at least two more years to assist in the further implementation of the academic research project. Genesis Farms will arrange relocation, housing and facilities such as a car, internet and phone.


The following experience, personal skills and competencies are required for this role:

·         College or academic degree with proven practical agricultural experience

·         Preferably knowledge of:  Seed production and breeding, Agriculture and cereals, Internal components of sorghum

·         Fluency in English

·         Good command of writing and reporting

·         Basic computer skills (experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, internet)

·         Personal skills and competencies:
- Attention to details whilst remaining focused on the major objectives
- Flexibility to deal with the challenges of working in a developing country
- Leadership qualities but also a team player
- Ability to communicate with international visitors and provide assistance
- Eagerness to learn

·         Readiness to be based in Sierra Leone for a minimum of 2 years



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