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Semper Florens is an association without profit, earnings come from members and chair groups of Wageningen University. As you may have read earlier, we are the study association for students of the studies Plant Sciences, Plant Biotechnology and Organic agriculture. For these different groups we organize many activities which are organized by many committees. One commission, the SponsorCie, is dealing with sponsorships, to ensure that the organization can continue to function well, now and in the future. They are busy during the academic year with searching and finding sponsors, maybe you?

The SponsorCie is a serious committee, which support the board and the various committees, by finding sponsors for unique activities such as excursions abroad, galas, almanac, lustra, but also for the annual recurring activities, such as the magazine Internodium.

We try to have an open relationship with our sponsors, because they are not only our revenue but also our counsellors, we can contact them for many questions, for example about speakers, excursions as well as advice and feedback.

If you are interested in or have questions about a sponsorship, please contact us: sf.sponsorcie@wur.nl

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors