Humulus Lupulus

If you are a proper plant scientist and you know your plant taxonomy well, you should know that we are named after the hop plant (Humulus Lupulus). Then it must be of no surprise that our theme revolves around beer and hop. And not just regular beer or pilsener, but specialty beer and the art of beer brewing. All of us really like specialty beer and we all have our favorites. Every member in the fraternity even has a certain beer, with which they have a special connection or story (or maybe they just really really like it). Our goals are to brew our very own beer, increase the knowledge on hop, beer and brewing within Semper Florens and organize fun activities!

Currently, we have eight members, each with their own function and chosen beers:
  • Laurens (me, ‘Commissaris Hopperhoofd’, chairman), with Steampunk IPA.
  • Jan (‘Commissaris Bierviltje’, secretary), with Hertog Jan Grand Prestige.
  • Thomas (‘Commissaris Statiegeld’, treasurer), with Westmalle Tripel.
  • Sanne (‘Commissaris Hoppasser’), with Tête de Mort Triple Red.
  • Bram (‘Commissaris Stoutert’), with Stout/Guinness Draught.
  • Elke (‘Commissaris plHop’), with Grolsch Beugel.
  • Dylan (‘Commissaris Hoapjes’), with Chateau Neubourg.
  • Sam (‘Commissaris Brouwmeester’), with Afla Edel Pils Sjoes.

Each one of us has their own very important function within the committee. For example, Jan (the secretary) has to make the minutes of our meetings on the back of a coaster and keep these safe. As of now, almost all of our drinks meetings together have been online, but we are really looking forward to start meeting in real life and to start brewing some nice beers!

We are still looking for new members. If you also have a passion for beer and hop and you would like to join us, please feel free to contact us :D! This can be done by, for example, mailing me at

Best regards, Laurens van Oostrom, Commissaris Hopperhoofd

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