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 On Thursday the 27th of March, there was an excursion to the paper factory Parenco.

AV + Wisselborrel

Het nieuwe bestuur!

Foto van de maand!

Er werd flink gedanst na het integratie diner!


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Beste leden,

De Galacie is de afgelopen maanden druk in de weer geweest om een fantastisch gala voor jullie neer te zetten op 21 mei. Het integratiegala wordt georganiseerd door ‘De Veetelers’, Di-Et-Tri,  Heeren XVII, Nicolas Appert en Semper Florens. Per lid is het mogelijk om één introducee mee te nemen. Als locatie is dit jaar gekozen voor de prachtige Stadsvilla Sonsbeek in Arnhem.

De kaartverkoop zal plaatsvinden op 7 april t/m 25 april. In deze periode is het tijdens iedere doordeweekse dag mogelijk van 12:30 tot 13:15 uur een kaartje te bemachtigen in het Di-Et-Tri hok op de eerste verdieping van het Forum, kamer 110. De prijs voor een kaartje is € 32,50 voor leden van Heeren XVII, Di-Et-Tri, Semper Florens en Nicolas Appert en € 40,- voor leden van studievereniging “De Veetelers” en introducees. Hierbij zijn onbeperkt biertjes, wijntjes, fris, een aantal sterkere drankjes en busvervoer heen en terug inbegrepen. Daarnaast zal de studentenband SOG-band voor een goed sfeertje zorgen, wat het feest compleet maakt!  

Excursion Parenco

On Thursday the 27th of March 12 people went to the paper factory Parenco. We departed from the Radix at around 9.30 a bit later than planned. When we arrived we were welcomed with a hot cup of coffee and tea. During the coffee and tea we had a presentation about the history of Parenco and some safety precautions. Parenco has been a household name of the Lower Rhine at Renkum. The first paper mill “The Bock” was set up in Renkum in 1598 and a lot of things have changed during the years. They use 100% recycled paper to make new paper. Parenco is also very sustainable because they burn waste, sewage sludge and deinking silt released during the production. The steam produced is used for electricity to process of pulp into paper.


Career Discovery Day

Study associations B.V.W. Biologica and Semper Florens will organize a Career Discovery Day at the 15th of April. This is day is especially meant for students of Biology, Plant Sciences and all related studies, but other students are also kindly invited. The day starts at 13:30 hour at W.01 in Radix West.

The day will be attented by companies working with themes like 'sustainable food production', 'plant-disease interactions' and 'improvement and adaptation of plant varieties'. In addition, the possibilities and advantages of doing a PhD research will be explained.

To make this day as interesting as possible for as student, employees directly from practise will give presentations and tell about their experience. They have done similar studies as you and their jobs are examples of your future job!

Are you anxious about what future has to offer you? Are you already looking for a job, or do you just want to orientate on the labour market? Then subsribe www.careerdiscoveryday.nl!

AV + Wisselborrel

Tuesday, March 18 was the 34th General Assembly. Max van der Heide resigned as president, his place was taken by Eva goldsmith. George Alkemade and Xandra Schrama resigned as auditor communication and education commissioner. Their functions are taken over by the Round and Laura Kim Solie. Timo Spranger is the new secretary and the Berber Wolff remained treasurer. After the meeting went well, with the presidents used hammers made of brilliant president, there was a lively exchange drinks in the Woeste Hoeve.

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